Our Story

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With a background of 15 years experience as a dental technician for Franco and as a makeup artist in the fashion industry for Camilla, in 2002 the couple decided it was time for a lifestyle and sea change.

So began their move to Australia, bringing with them a small, but delicious piece of their lovely Italy. In order to bring their culinary delights they first had to make contact with a famous gelato artisan and master, Mr. Carlo Pozzi from Milan, who’s grandparents started to make gelati in 1895.

With passion, determination and now the know-how from Carlo, Franco and Camilla set out to bring Italian ice cream from bustling Milan to the seaside town of Caloundra, Queensland.

  • 2000

    During their honeymoon in Australia, the couple fell in love with this amazing country. This was the moment when they realized it was time for a change and decided to make a permanent move.

  • 2001

    Before making this leap of faith, they needed to ensure a bright future. This meant to connect to gelati master, Mr. Carlo Pozzi, who's family began making gelati in 1895.
    Franco was fortunate enough to be taught the art of gelato from this iconic Master, and so began their journey.

  • 2002

    Coming back to Australia, the couple initially moved to Sydney and then to Melbourne where they couldn't find the perfect spot to set up the shop. So they drove north, stopping at all the places that looked nice.

  • 2003

    Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast captured their heart. They now had everything they needed, the knowledge and the perfect location. 
    It was here that Milano Gelateria was born.

  • 2003-2021

    People tried and appreciated their product and Milano Gelateria quickly became known as a must visit place. This little taste of Italy was featured in many local newspapers, people couldn't get enough.

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  • 2006-2011

    Milano Gelateria participated to many competitions in Brisbane and Sydney bringing home numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

  • 2009-2010

    Winners of RNA Champion Ice Cream or Gelato in 2009 and in 2010.

  • Today

    Still in Caloundra, with the same passion and dedication from day one, Franco and Camilla continue to delight their visitors with their traditional recipes.